Pleasure – MAX, pollution – 0!
The new V-GUM Clean Planet gum does not leave a milligram of waste

Starting in 2023, the fundamentally new V-GUM Clean Planet gum can be found in Bulgaria, as well as in some large markets around the world. This innovative, forward-looking product is made of 100% natural and biodegradable materials – both in the “base” of the gum (juice from the Manilkara Zapota tree, also known as “sapodilla”, xylitol, gum arabic and palm wax “carnauba”), as well as the entire packaging – the boxes and cartons (from the special, 100% recyclable “cardboard” Foodbox and outer foil from the new NatureFlex™ material)!

The manufacturing facility was carefully selected to reflect our vision. All V-GUM products are made by INDACO SpA., a leading Italian company in confectionery production. Their plant in Caivano, Naples, has the unrivalled know-how and cutting-edge technology which guarantee our quality pledge. For years, this Italian manufacturer has been recognized for passionate work and large investments in quality, research and technological innovation.

Chewing gum –
health benefits

Longstanding empirical scientific research has shown the many health benefits of chewing gum. We all know that sugar-free gum protects teeth, reduces plaque and cavities, and fights bad breath.

However, what you may not know is that this fun habit boosts mental performance by increasing blood flow to the brain. Therefore, chewing gum makes you more alert and enhances your memory and other cognitive functions. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, reduce acid reflux (heartburn), and even improve your eating habits by containing some food cravings between meals.

Some people rely on chewing gum to equalize pressure and relieve ear pain during flights, others seek a natural relief against nausea from morning or motion sickness.

To wrap up, the best part of chewing your favorite gum is that it’s tasty and fun!